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Principal's Desk


Govt Girls PG College was established in the year 1976. The college campus is spread over a huge area inside Rampur Fort (Quilla). The building was originally the residence of Nawabs of Rampur. It was converted into a college during the reign of Nawab Murtaza Ali Khan. The famous Raza Library is also located nearby in the same Fort complex.

The college campus has administrative office, faculty buildings, classrooms, sports grounds, hall and library. It also houses an ancient swimming pool made of marble in the middle of the campus. Various sports events are conducted regularly in the sports grounds. The annual cultural event takes place in the multipurpose hall. The campus is full of trees and gardens and provides a conducive environment to study..

Promoting the headship programs of the Central and State government such as "SWATCHH BHARAT, SWASTH BHARAT", "PADHE BETIYAN, BADE BETIYAN", Skill Development etc;